Print Contest Winner - Break

Sorry that I hadn’t blogged about who won the print contest over the weekend. I had my family from Chicago visit with the combination of a family wedding that kept me busy. It was a family filled weekend & as it goes family first, so they got my full & undivided attention this weekend. Now time to announce the winner of this print!

     Odd enough the winner of this print is In Hearts Wake very own guitarist, Eaven Dall. This was at complete random through a number generator & to be honest it has been interesting. Everyone that has won a photo I feel in someway has actually some connection to the print. It’s not like it is going to someone who doesn’t know the artist & such. However, Eaven if you’re reading I am trying to get in contact with so I can send ya this print! Thank you for the support.
     The last few weeks have been busy with editing, work & trying to balance my blog in there. I will be taking a few week break from blogging as a way to focus on editing photos. Blogging takes a huge part of my week & as of right now I can’t afford to continue worrying about blogging. I’ll be back shortly so until then cheers!

Thank you & have a good night,

- Dominik Magdziak

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