ThanksGiving Weekend

Happy belated Thanksgiving the Canadian way! For those who live as the pants of Canada (United States) and don’t know, we celebrate our Thanksgiving a month early in contrast to y’all. To those who don’t know Thanksgiving, it’s a holiday where families are supposed to come together and have a meal of that expresses your thankfulness. It has its own history that I don’t really know much about, but if you’re interested in turkeys, pumpkin pie, stuffing and fall go Google it.
     This Thanksgiving weekend has been nothing short of incredible. Originally it was all suppose to start Friday night, but I ended up having to shoot photos for the International Indian Film Festival Toronto or IIFFT. The plan was to hitch with my brother to the family cottage and come back with him. However this week is what we at Ryerson University call “reading week”, which in some aspects is a week off. Sadly the university life never gets time off, so I have to spend it reading all my course material and studying for midterm exams! It sucks, but due to this I came to a conclusion that I’d drive up to the cottage on my own and come back later than all of my family. Saturday morning came and I ventured off to take what should be a 4.5 hour drive to the cottage. However me being me I made it to be almost an entire 8 hours… No I’m not bad with directions (kinda), but I ended up pulling over so often and snapping photos! I’ve been going to these parts of the north for over a decade and I’ve never had the chance to stop and enjoy the beauty. Since I finally have been able to do this I really want to start planning road trips with my friends all over Canada because this is one hell of a beautiful country. Yes Ontario may be flatter than its sibling provinces, but it still contains natural beauty that can leave you breathless upon arrival. Sometimes such locations can never be documented properly because it’s what I call a sight for eyes only. I tried to document the beautiful Ontario style fall, but I don’t feel like I did a good job. Look down below and let me know what you think of these photos!

This post is like a little story with feature photos. Welcome to the life of Dom at the cottage? I’m not really going to go into a depth of detail about my weekend because nobody else cares about it but me. The weekend I was surrounded by my parents, my brothers, their daughters and old family friends. I had no idea that my family friends would be there, but I am so grateful that they were. I haven’t really seen or spoken with them for at least a decade and nothing makes me happier than reminiscing with people I grew up with. Almost being up to date with the changes in our lives, I hope that it won’t be another decade that I seem them again. My philosophy with childhood friends is that I’ll love them no matter who they have become because I’ll always remember the heart they had growing up. If you impacted my childhood then you impacted my entire life and you’ve helped me become the soul I am now. The rest of the weekend and the week I spent helping around the cottage (it’s still a work in progress), studying and trying to explore and capture the essence of nature. Enjoy the results and let me know what you think of the photos and where I can touch up on!    

I got my escape from everything and everyone, now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to be back in the city. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving or will have a good Thanksgiving. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving then please reflect on the blessings you have in your life. Count them because even though life is a blessing with a curse, you may realize that you have more blessings than curses.
     I have been trying hard to get people to actually comment, I can’t improve unless I know what lacks and what doesn’t. So please let me know how the photos are and where they can improve. Now for the thought of the post, what are you thankful for in your life? If it isn’t too personal comment it down below and I’ll let you know what I’m thankful for! I’ll only let you know if you comment though!

Thank you for your time and have a great day,

     - Dominik Magdziak (:

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