Sleeklens Review: Landscape Adventure in Cuba - Photoshop Workflow

Hello, everyone! It has been a tremendous amount of time since I’ve written a blog, but I am back… I’ve decided to shift my focus on other objectives in my life while still pursuing photography, hence my disappearance. It has reached a point where school and my photography career has made it next to impossible to pursue personal work. Now that the season has taken a slower pace I’ve used the extra time to do as much personal work as possible!

To start the New Year I decided to join my parents on their trip to Memories Caribe Resort in Cayo Coco, Cuba for a week. Right before departing for the airport I got an email from SleekLens, an editing service that creates Lightroom & Photoshop products to enhance and shorten a photographer’s workflow. Basically, the overall purpose is to provide a fair and honest review on SleekLens’s Landscape Adventure Collection – click here for more information about the Landscape Adventure Collection.
     The initial procedure of installation is a simple process only requiring the extraction of the .ZIP file that was provided with the download. Once extracted the folder will contain a SleekLens Landscape PS Actions.ATN file where all I had to do is double click the ATN File and it will install the actions into Photoshop! This works for any. ATN file and if there is any ambiguity SleekLens has created a well-explained instructional video on Photoshop Actions Installation right here. Give it a click if installing actions into Photoshop isn’t clear for you. All the actions will now be in your Action Tab in Photoshop, where it is efficiently organised by featured presets with titles.
     I’ve decided that the way I’d review these actions is by comparing the original out of camera photo to a series of edited photos with and without the presets. This seems to give a fair platform that will demonstrate the ability of SleekLens and their Landscape Adventure Collection.

This is the original almost out of camera photo! The image is composed of various photos of the scene stitched into a panoramic photo. No adjustments were made as of yet. A majority of the documented photos in Cuba were taken on my 50mm because it was my widest and favourite choice. The colours are decent, but I wouldn’t stop here because I know I can get more.

The above image is how I would have edited to the best of my abilities before being introducing SleekLens to my workflow. I was able to darken the image to bring detail back, but personally, I didn’t do so well on the colours. Comparing it to actual scenery the colouration does no justice in terms of being complimentary and beautifully vibrant. As I stated earlier I am going to be completely honest with this review and I’m not too happy with this result.

This image is edited only using the SleekLens actions provided in Photoshop. Instantly I love the impact on the blue tones in the sky and ocean because it really enhances the overall look in a vibrant-dreamy mood. It may just be me, but I have always had issues in getting an appealing green tone when editing photos. However, the presets did an acceptable job with the green tones because it isn’t washed out in saturation or too dull. I personally think SleekLens is able to enhance the colours in a manner that isn’t oversaturated and very realistic in tones. While editing I made little adjustments to the layers used in the presets, but I found I spent more time playing with the opacity. For a fast workflow where time is limited, I can find myself using the actions in this collection.

Ahhh now for the final image – a combination of my own editing techniques and the SL actions. There is a slideshow from the final image to the original for simple comparison. I honestly dig it if I say so myself. When I shoot photos I always envision the final shot as I’m snapping away and this is the closest I think I can get! The combination really brought the saturation, tone and really reflects what I was looking for in the greens and blues. Without a doubt, this was a simple and quick process that will be added to my workflow!

I want to promote and really get SleekLens out there because it truly is a great product! Below I’ve attached more sample shots using their actions and from here you can formulate your last thoughts on the product. During the review, I did not use every action that was provided, but there is a more in-depth video on SleekLens Adventure Landscape right here – I’d recommend this for visual learners. If you like what you see click right here for more information about the Landscape Adventure Collection. There is an entire library of actions for Photoshop created by SleekLens right here for those looking for actions to use - give it a try!

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review,

- Dominik Magdziak (:

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