October 10th. 2017

Oh boy has time passed since I’ve written a blog. I gotta express the thoughts and reflect the good energies I’ve collected throughout the day. It started as a regular day revolving around school life and some photography. Today’s blessing came from spending time with my great aunt Swafka and great uncle Dymtro.

My last visit had harsher circumstances as my uncle is struggling with dementia and his health was unstable. This time his energy was shining in a positive light with no struggles complicating his functionality. It’s a bliss to see my uncle in a positive environment & it really makes me appreciate my time with him. He’s 93 turning 94 in a month and still has an inner energy that makes him want to move despite being immobile due to medical reasons. Dymtro is a man who has seen the world evolve and is now having his body tire out, yet his soul still has life to move - it is incredibly inspiring. 

Growing up he was my hero, he was my role model and he still holds the same influence from way back then. When it came to living a fulfilling life he taught me the importance of striving to learn through life experiences. The greatest lessons in life are better taught through understanding and developing a love for the process. I’m extremely thankful and proud to have him in my life because he has been a foundation to my growth!

Swafka and Dymtro have been the foundational support in assisting the migration process for my family coming from Poland to Canada. They always shared great life stories that have sparked an endless fascination to explore the world and experience different cultures. Taking a moment to reflect and appreciate their influence is mind-boggling. 

  Their Swafka shows a love and support towards Dymtro that is beyond anything words can explain and experiencing it is aspiring. She has always been the sweetest and her connection to animals has definitely made its impact! Their kindness and openness to the world is the influence that I believe everybody deserves to feel.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my day I hope yours had detail of positivist within! Do you have any role models that you’d like to reflect or share about? Lemme know below I love to hear who people are inspired by and why! 


- Dominik Magdziak (: 

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