1. Obey The Brave Print Contest Update

    25 Apr 2016
    Hey guys sorry I haven’t really been active with the contest I had my final exams for the winter semester of school! The hectic studying schedule basically screwed over my entire photography related timetable and I didn’t give this contest any attention near the end. With all this being said…

  2. Photo Contest

    19 Apr 2016
    Happy Tuesday everyone! I been waiting for this day for the past 8 months as my favorite band performs tonight for a reunion tour! It’s obvious who they are, but take a dang guess or wait till I post some updates. However, right now this week is my exam week…

  3. Throw Back Thursday - Week 9

    07 Apr 2016
         This blog post is something I’ll hold extremely close to my heart. If you’ve known me for a while or have been to my house then you’ll probably know Sparky. He was like a brother to me inside an overgrown Yorkie Terrior body for those wonder where this blog is…

  4. Cuba - Travel Tip 6

    06 Apr 2016
         Sorry about last week! I intended to create a post that would’ve stated I was just too busy to blog. It got to the point where I wasn’t even able to do that ‘cause school consumed my mind and time. The previous week I had almost all my final assignments…

  5. Throw Back Thursday - Week 8

    24 Mar 2016
    Easter is right at the corner and we all know that means! Chocolate! Chocolate and more chocolate! The only reason why I look forward to Easter is for the chocolate and just chillin’ out with my family. Luckily the food is always soooooo good during the Easter season and it…

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