1. Cuba - Travel Tip 5

    23 Mar 2016
    It feels like Cuba happened forever ago! I miss the sand, the ocean, the sky, the colours and just about everything else; even the food. This weeks blog reflects on when I went on my first beach walk by myself without the dudes. I always need to walk the beach…

  2. Throw Back Thursday - Week 7

    18 Mar 2016
    Still stickin’ to my word and this week we are still in my 2013 photo archive. This was my experimental phase of photography where I’d think of something and go do it; regardless how weird it was. These photos were mainly shot for a grade 12 project that was theme…

  3. Cuba - Travel Tip 4

    17 Mar 2016
    It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve been outta Cuba and that’s so depressing. I’m one who loves warm and vibrant colours and right now Canada has been the exact opposite. Not the type of person to be surrounded by such a moody gray. Anyways back to the awesomeness of Cuba…

  4. Throw Back Thursday - Week 6

    10 Mar 2016
    After last weeks blog post I started to think deeper into my past photos! I date back all the way to 2013 with photos that you’ve probably never seen. I wanna dig deeper into my roots as a photographer and I wanna remember what it was like to start my…

  5. Cuba - Travel Tip 3

    10 Mar 2016
    Today has been such an incredible day! I started it off getting ready to go for an interview for my dream summer job! There’s a chance that I can be a photography instructor for a children summer camp for my break from school. I felt like I did an exceptional…

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