1. Throw Back Thursday - Week 4

    12 Feb 2016
    Welcome to week 4 of the series! I’m glad that I’ve been consistent with this series and I plan to continue. However next week I’ll be off in Cuba with my best friends and I don’t think I’ll be able to make week 5. I’ll try to do a throw…

  2. Week Late Blog

    10 Feb 2016
    Almost a week ago I finally got to somewhat venture the city of Toronto. I’ve walked through Toronto so often and it didn’t hit me ‘til a while ago that I’ve never really took photos of the city… So I got the chance to have a start and in that…

  3. Throw Back Thursday - Week 2

    05 Feb 2016
    And here is the second throw back blog. We are dating back to November 2015 when I spent the day assisting at the Toronto Islands.     So the day plan was to go to the Toronto Islands and assist with photographer Joel Esposito. This was the second time I’ve worked with…

  4. Throw Back Thursday - Week 3

    05 Feb 2016
    The timing for this blog sucks ‘cause it’s fairly late since I had an eventful day, but nonetheless here is week 3 of Throw Back Thursday!     I’m dedicating this to an awesome band called Sleepwave when they played at the Hardluck Bar on Sept. 29, 2015. They were one of…

  5. Weekly Blog Challenge

    02 Feb 2016
    So before I start this blog I just wanna say I wrote a Throwback Thursday and completely forgot to post it… Sorry guys, but it’ll be out in a few days! I wanna start to shoot a lot more ‘cause it clearly isn’t enough right now. To keep me up…

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