1. Nephew’s Birthday

    25 Jan 2016
    From the age of 8 I became an uncle and it has been so special to see my nephew begin his teenage years! I still remember the chubby alien that had a weird interest in seasoned salt containers. Now this little shit is becoming a teenager and I couldn’t be…

  2. 2016 First Shoot

    23 Jan 2016
    Last night I shot my first event of 2016 and it was a blast! I got to be apart of the 4th annual Pembina unGala, held at the Fermenting Room in the Distillery District. It was cool for me because this was the second year in a row that I…

  3. Throw Back Thursday - Week 1

    21 Jan 2016
    Previously I stated I wanted to bring back Throw Back Thursday blogs to share all the missed content from when my laptop began crapping out. So here is the very first one featuring a band I shot back in October, Circa Survive at the Danforth Music Hall for their 10…

  4. G-Eazy Photos

    19 Jan 2016
    I dedicate this blog to one of my oldest best friends, Michelle. Without her these photos would be just chillin’ in the archives untouched. Some images may be familiar, but most are new to the interwebs! Originally I only wanted to edit a single photo, but it turned out to…

  5. 2016 Update

    16 Jan 2016
    Holy crap I haven’t blogged in ages, but nonetheless Happy New Year!! I hope the winter holidays have been good and warm to y’all. I know I kinda disappeared from social media in terms of my blog, Instagram and Twitter. My laptop crapped out on me and I wasn’t able…

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