1. TIFF 2015

    26 Sep 2015
    Almost a week later after TIFF is officially done premiering and doing photo calls for the festival, I begin to blog about it! I’ve been granted the incredible opportunity to photograph this festival for a second time in a row for Getty/Wire Images. This festival never fails to keep me…

  2. Blogging

    23 Sep 2015
    And here comes the guy who said 5 days felt like forever, yet now I’ve doubled the gap in between blogs. This time it ranges to 10 days and to be honest I’ve just been that busy with TIFF, school and life. I finished TIFF on Saturday and I’ll be…

  3. Blog Update - September Edition

    14 Sep 2015
    It’s been only 5 days since I’ve last blogged something, but it feels like an eternity! I’ve been super busy with the events going on in my life. I moved into my first apartment, I started school and now I’m photographing TIFF. If you follow me social media you’ll know…

  4. Blog Update

    08 Sep 2015
    Wow it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve last blogged. The past few weeks I’ve been working hard at work, editing, shoots and moving out. This past Friday I took the time to finally move into my new apartment in downtown Toronto from Brampton. The Friday was spent with…

  5. Northlane’s North American Node Tour

    28 Aug 2015
    Last night I got the chance to finally see a legit show that I’m interested in ever since I’ve been back from Asia. I’m not saying the past festivals I’ve shot are something I didn’t want to be apart of, but they weren’t really my type of music. I have…

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