1. TLC Smiles 19

    13 Aug 2015
         The post that was suppose to be third blog post that day is officially here? On a more serious note this is the second last blog in terms of the TLC series. The setting of this photo took place in Vang Vieng of the Vientiane province of central Laos. This…

  2. Today’s Blogs

    13 Aug 2015
    Good morning to all the internet users!      I know I didn’t post TLC Smiles 18 last night, but it is written and almost ready to be posted. I came home late last night and I did write out the entire blog, but there were some technical difficulties that I couldn’t…

  3. TLC Smiles 18

    13 Aug 2015
    Welcome to TLC Smiles post number 18! It’s so bittersweet to see this series about to come to an end; I really enjoyed reflecting on the memories. The photo takes place on the same day as posts number 16 and 17 at the Elephant Sanctuary. For those who don’t know…

  4. OVO Fest Verdict

    12 Aug 2015
    8 days after OVO Fest and I’ll be giving my actual opinion of the entire event and such. Below are all my personal favorites from the two nights I shot the event. Take a look and let me know what ya think      Before I go onto reviewing the actual festival…

  5. TLC Smiles Update

    11 Aug 2015
    I hate to actually have to say that TLC Smiles won’t happen tonight. I worked so hard on putting it together for the past two days, as it has been a fairly lengthy post and it has different aspects than others. The reason why TLC Smiles will not be posted…

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