1. Sunday Update

    10 Aug 2015
    The way life works on my end is Monday - Friday I work at least 8 hours as a camp leader at a rec center for the city of Brampton. After that I come home to usual editing of photos, blogging, applying to shows, responding, and everything else photography related…

  2. TLC Smiles 17

    08 Aug 2015
    This post of TLC Smiles is an afternoon continuation of TLC Smiles 16, so if you haven’t read TLC Smiles 16 then check it out! The story still continues in the Luang Prabang province of Laos. In the afternoon I had booked to do an elephant riding and jungle tour…

  3. TLC Smiles 16

    06 Aug 2015
    This blog post is one of the most significant memories of the entire trip because of the events that took place this day. It’ll be split into two parts because this photo focuses on the morning portion and the other post focuses on the afternoon portion.     We are entering the…

  4. OVO Fest - Final Day

    05 Aug 2015
    This is not a final verdict or review of OVO Fest! This is just a post sharing the highlight photos from last night.     Before getting into the images I need to add the background story to why I am so limited on photos. Since it’s the last day of OVO…

  5. Ovo Fest - J. Cole

    03 Aug 2015
         I’m in a bit of a rush because I am minutes away to driving down to Toronto and shoot the final day of OVO Fest tonight! I’m super excited to get a chance to finally photograph Drake live. I was going to make a post reviewing OVO Fest day two…

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