1. Welcome Back - New York 2016 & More Travel

    05 Oct 2016
    Hey everyone! It has been a spectacular break from blogging and it was honestly well needed. As I said in the previous post, I have been busy and literally have so much unseen content for the world. Down below I’ve posted what the near future is going to be like…

  2. TIFF 2016

    20 Sep 2016
    Holy crap it has been ages since I’ve written a blog post or even visit this site! This break was honestly well needed as having to balance this with everything else going on would drive me insane. It was a fairly busy summer with working photography summer camps and consistent…

  3. Print Contest Winner - Break

    19 Jul 2016
    Sorry that I hadn’t blogged about who won the print contest over the weekend. I had my family from Chicago visit with the combination of a family wedding that kept me busy. It was a family filled weekend & as it goes family first, so they got my full &amp…

  4. Throwback Thursday - Skateboarding W/ the Pals

    14 Jul 2016
    This throw back is fairly personal because these dudes are still around in my life. We are stepping back to March 2013 when I was in grade 12 and just experimenting with photography. To be honest at that point I had no idea what I was doing with external source…

  5. Travel - Mekong River Day 2

    14 Jul 2016
    It’s weird having to brainstorm how to open up on a blog. I’ve officially posted over 112 blogs in two years time - which I’m fairly proud of! This includes the very first version of my site where it had galleries filled with content from everything I shot. A huge…

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