1. TLC Smiles Tomorrow

    02 Aug 2015
    Happy Sunday to everyone!TLC Smiles was being written today and then I got a phone call to go shoot OVO Fest tonight! So sadly TLC Smiles will not be posted today, but tomorrow so until then be ready for some OVO Fest photos!Cheers and have an awesome Sunday,Dominik Magdziak (:

  2. TLC Smiles 15

    02 Aug 2015
    Welcome to the last portions of TLC Smiles, where I spent the time exploring the beautiful country of Laos. The country finds beauty in the structure of their landscape because it’s stretched with lengthy rivers and vast mountains. The first two days before arriving to Luang Prabang were spent traveling…

  3. Bestival

    02 Aug 2015
         Hello and welcome this random blog post. Currently right now it’s serving the purpose of defining why I haven’t posted TLC Smiles in the past two days. It has hit the weekend and all I’ve really done is relax and nap the entire day. Life has been fairly hectic the…

  4. TLC Smiles 15

    31 Jul 2015
    So before I go onto this post I’d like you to inform you on why I’m a day late once again. Well yesterday was an extremely long day at work for myself and by the time I got home I passed out on the bed. I needed a break from…

  5. Missing the Water

    29 Jul 2015
         Do you ever feel like the stress of being alive can be too overwhelming? Lately I feel like I’ve lost connection with myself and that I’m stuck in my mind. I’m mentally and physically exhausted from working so hard so constantly. Monday to Friday I work a full time day…

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