1. TLC Smiles Part 14

    28 Jul 2015
    This mini series turns 20,160 minutes old today (not including that filthy week break or missed days). There really isn’t much of a celebration for this, but this series will be coming to an end soon.      When you hear the word Cambodia what do you think? Sadly due to my…

  2. TLC Smiles Part 13

    28 Jul 2015
    A bit overdue, but this post should be generally longer than the other TLC Smiles. Kickback and enjoy the read because this post is all about the positive and motivational vibes.          This photo is taken the same day of the last post in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Here is a small…

  3. Sunday Skate Trip

    28 Jul 2015
    There’s a reason to why I didn’t post TLC Smiles yesterday and frankly you’re just about to read it right now.      So yesterday I spent the entire day exploring skateparks with my friends again. We went to a city not too far from Brampton called Vaughan to skate these small…

  4. TLC Smiles Part 12

    25 Jul 2015
    The weekend is usually the hardest to blog around because it’s my only time off of life. I’m going to try to go on more adventures to blog about those with the TLC Smiles. Here we begin this weekend with TLC Smiles part 12!      The photo itself is shot right…

  5. TLC Smiles 11

    23 Jul 2015
    I think this is the earliest I’ve ever started a TLC Smiles post to date! So welcome to those who aren’t night owls and to those who are. Here we are with post 11, which in turn means TLC Smiles would be half over - however one post will not…

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