1. TLC Smiles Part 5

    15 Jul 2015
         Welcome back to the Cambodian portion of TLC Smiles! This photo is taken off the coast of Cambodia in the Thailand Gulf, Koh Rong. The island itself is fairly touristy in more of a party aspect, but it does have the cultural people of Cambodia living there. A quick heads…

  2. TLC Smiles Part 4

    14 Jul 2015
         Welcome back from the week break from TLC Smiles! This is part 4 and a bit of a special one. A bit of background towards the image, it is shot in Koh Kong, Cambodia Nikon d700 w/ Nikkor 50mm 1.4D // Shot @ ISO 2500 f/2.2 1/50      Let me introduce…

  3. Skateboarding Sunday

    13 Jul 2015
         I hope everyone had an awesome Sunday! I just spent the entire day with my two long time skate pals Matthew and James. Who knew the people you were exchanging pointless threats over YouTube comments would become your closest friends! Crazy how the way of life works amongst one another…

  4. Sparky R.I.P

    10 Jul 2015
         I guess it’s the throwback Thursday or flashback Friday ordeal. This week has been fairly difficult because I’ve been feeling like an unstable mess lately. So much needs to be done, but the motivation has been declining. There have been so many feelings that I’ve oppressed over the weeks and…

  5. TLC Smiles Delay

    08 Jul 2015
    Salutations to you. I know I haven’t posted anything for the past three days in regards of TLC Smiles, but there is a reason. I’m deciding to take this week off from editing photos right after a long 9 - 6 shift. It’s super exhausting and I just wanna relax…

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