1. TLC Smiles Part 3

    04 Jul 2015
    Welcome back to part 3 of TLC Smiles! I hope you’re all having a good start to this wonderful weekend. The image is shot in Koh Kong, Cambodia during a fairly beautiful sunset on the shore. The moment upon arrival in this city Cambodia stole my heart and everything it…

  2. TLC Smiles Part 2

    04 Jul 2015
    Welcome to the second day of TLC Smiles! This one was shot the same night of yesterdays post on Khao San Road, and no not the Thai restaurant in Toronto, but the one in Bangkok, Thailand. There is no easy way to actually describe this road because it is everything…

  3. TLC Smiles Part 1

    02 Jul 2015
    Welcome to TLC Smiles! This blog goes back to my trip I took back in late April to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. If you haven’t puzzled it together TLC Smiles literally means “Thailand, Laos and Cambodia” Smiles, which revolves around the cultures of the locals. Here are my favorite portraits…

  4. June 27 Blog

    27 Jun 2015
    Third strong and counting! Welcome or welcome back to my third blog post on the web. Today is a bit of a crazy day as I’m leaving in thirty minutes to shoot my first wedding of the 2015 summer with Marc Crabtree (click his name for the website) as his…

  5. Website Updates

    23 Jun 2015
    And I’m already back to posting my second blog! For the people who read my first post thank you for sticking around and to the new people welcome! This post is more geared towards the actual appeal and purpose of my site. So I’ve had my site around for over…

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