1. Travel - Cuba 13 (Final)

    22 Jun 2016
    So this is it! The very last Cuba blog featuring photos from our trip back in February. I sure did learn a lot about blogging about this experience and now know where to improve. If there are any suggestions please let me know down below in the comments! Thank you…

  2. Summer Begins!

    19 Jun 2016
    Hey there everyone! Sorry I haven’t been active and hadn’t posted any blogs last week. It was my final week of school and I had two exams in one day, so every minute counted. I decided that I’d focus on the exams and use the opportunity to push myself a…

  3. Weekly Print Contest - 3

    14 Jun 2016
    Hey everyone!So I’ll be posting the winner of the contests on Saturdays now as it makes my life a lot easier! A Tuesday - Friday blog is too tedious for my schedule. There maybe delay or no blogs for the remainder of the week as I’m about to do my…

  4. Print Contest Winner 2

    13 Jun 2016
    Hey everyone! Sorry for the inconsistency with this blog series, but I’ve been studying hard for my two final law & statistics exams this week. I’ve come to conclusion that I’ll start these contests on Tuesday and announce the winner on Saturday. Blogging from Tuesday to Friday straight is fairly…

  5. Throw Back Thursday - Asia 6

    10 Jun 2016
    Happy Thursday everyone! After being able to go through these images I’ve been able to say that I think I’ve found one of my favorite images captured during the trip! I’ll introduce you in a formal manner shortly. This part of the trip my illness was hit me unexpectedly and…

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