1. Travel - Cuba 12

    08 Jun 2016
    Sadly the Cuba series is slowly coming to an end with what I believe to be the second last post. I’m gonna dedicate this to everyone I met on that trip, even though I don’t have photos of all of y’all (or much memories yay booze) we got the dope…

  2. Weekly Print Contest - 2

    07 Jun 2016
    Alrighty welcome to the second week of my new print contest series. It’s starting off fairly well just gotta figure out how to get more people involved! To start it off we had the 6ix god himself, Drake performing during 2015 OVO Fest. Now this week the hat decided to…

  3. Print Contest Winner

    04 Jun 2016
    Hey everyone! I know I said I would have announced this yesterday, but I got a last minute shoot! After I just wanted to spend my time relaxing and away from the computer. I wanna thank everyone for participating in this contest it really means a lot to me and…

  4. June 2nd Shoot

    03 Jun 2016
    I know I normally don’t talk about my professional side of photography that often, but I think it’s time to share! For the past year and a half I’ve been working as a freelance event photographer! I’ve shot dozens of events, but I rarely ever blog about it even though…

  5. Throw Back Thursday - Asia 5

    02 Jun 2016
         Howdy and happy Thursday everyone! Welcome to my latest post reflecting on my trip backpacking through Asia. This morning started with my roommate feeling ill and myself a lot better. While in Cambodia I was sick to the point I missed on activities because I was bed ridden. I went…

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