1. Travel - Cuba 10

    19 May 2016
    Wow I didn’t really anticipate how long this blog would be, but hey this is a big learning curve. It’s been keeping me busier than usual, but luckily I got some shoots coming my way! Tomorrow night I got something going on, but I won’t spoil the surprise ‘till I…

  2. Throw Back Thursday - Asia 3

    12 May 2016
    The blog consistency has been on point this week! I’m fairly busy right now, but I still wanna share with you guys (: At this point in time based from the photos we are still in Cambodia exploring Koh Rong Island through by water and land. This was hella tiring…

  3. Travel Tips - Cuba 9

    12 May 2016
         Hey there! Sorry for the late night blog post, but I’ve had an extremely busy day where I wasn’t home for 13 hours straight. I love having busy days, but I’ll try my hardest to make the blogs consistent every week! For this edition in Cuba the crew and I…

  4. Random Weekend Update

    10 May 2016
    Hey everybody so last week I was suppose to have a throw back blog posted for y’all, but clearly that didn’t happen. I was 95% done and all of a sudden I had to go back to Brampton for the weekend, resulting with an unfinished blog and no post. I…

  5. Throw Back Tuesday? - Asia 2

    05 May 2016
    I know I post these on Thursday, but last week I didn’t get a chance to finish writing this blog before I left for the weekend at my parents place. Rather than simply waiting till the next Thursday I will post these throw back blogs on the Tuesday after if…

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