TLC Smiles Part 1

Welcome to TLC Smiles! This blog goes back to my trip I took back in late April to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. If you haven’t puzzled it together TLC Smiles literally means “Thailand, Laos and Cambodia” Smiles, which revolves around the cultures of the locals. Here are my favorite portraits of the individuals I’ve encountered and a description of that specific moment. Each photo holds a special memory and meaning to the new life style that I’ve adapted after such an epiphanic experience. So over the next 22 days I will be blogging individual photos from the trip, so here it all begins.

Nothing starts an adventure off like a heavy hangover and major jet lag… The fried scorpion from the night before didn’t make the beginning any easier for me, but hey when in Thailand… Right? Anyways this was the second day of the trip at the Wat Pho temple. This temple is known as the Temple of Reclining Buddha and is the birthplace of the Thai massage - aka true enlightenment for my soul. There is a portion of the temple where you donate an equivalent to a Canadian dollar and you get 108 tokens to drop into those pots - fun fact 108 is not a random number, but the number of actions that lead Buddha to perfection. It is believed that it will make your wishes a reality along with bringing you good fortune. I ended up giving away my tokens to the child as he had ran out due to the fact he was sharing with an older sibling. Giving is the only good fortune that life needs, and I hope this child’s wishes come true. Growing up I was consumed with wishful thinking and day dreams, so seeing a child participate in such a activity brought back some nostalgia. From this point on of the trip I tried to dedicate myself to giving back to the world as much as I can in a span of a month. This photo in general just makes me feel like you have to give a little with a wishful state of mind in order for your wishes to come true. A metaphor to the essence of life and our dreams.

There is a comment section below so I challenge you to let me know what this photo makes you feel because your opinion is the flint to my interests, so spark it.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope to see ya back soon!

- Dominik Magdziak (:   

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