TLC Smiles Part 2

Welcome to the second day of TLC Smiles! This one was shot the same night of yesterdays post on Khao San Road, and no not the Thai restaurant in Toronto, but the one in Bangkok, Thailand. There is no easy way to actually describe this road because it is everything fun dosed in illegality - it truly is a tourist attraction. Believe me Khao San Road is something a person should experience when in Bangkok, especially in the night. This photo was taken late at night.

One thing that third world countries participate in is human trafficking. It’s an extremely sensitive topic that needs a lot more attention, especially when children are involved. I remember as a kid I was extremely spoiled getting everything I want, having more than enough food, having a roof over my head, a loving family and a big comfortable bed. When I was his age I wasn’t up all night working - I was in bed dreaming of the beach. I can’t image how difficult this child’s life is with missing the childhood necessities due to having to work at such a young age. These areas are polluted with human trafficking and during the night this child approached my good friend Alex Harte. In this moment he is attempting to sell Alex a bracelet or necklace. Being the good guy Alex is, he asked the youngster to pick his favorite piece, which is a necklace. The special moment of the photo is how happy the child is showing Alex his collection. Right after buying the necklace the child kissed Alex on the cheek out of pure joy. These are the times that impact a persons life that we can never forget. It really makes you think of how lucky we are to have what we have in our lives. It extremely bothers me seeing kids have to work so hard at a young age. I’ll never forget the life I got to live as a child and I personally feel that every child deserves to experience. There have been multiple times where I try to help out the young kids who have to work. I feel like if I’m obligated in order to help the kids as much as I can. Everyone deserves to have a childhood based on the act of playing and this is something I strongly sympathize with. This is one lesson that this photo holds dear too it. The smallest things usually define the greatest. Buying a necklace made this child so happy and that’s really all we should want in life. I mean from my personal point of view living in Canada I see people ignoring the little things. One thing I really learned on this trip is that I don’t need a majority of the things I have in my life - I mean I threw away a lot of my belongings on this trip. So for me the moment is extremely sacred because it shows the reality that we don’t really need much to smile.

What does this photo mean to you? Let me know because I’m interested so please comment down below!

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and see ya tomorrow!

- Dominik Magdziak (: 

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