Travel - Mekong River Day 2

It’s weird having to brainstorm how to open up on a blog. I’ve officially posted over 112 blogs in two years time - which I’m fairly proud of! This includes the very first version of my site where it had galleries filled with content from everything I shot. A huge part of these blogs is because of Asia and the amount of images I snagged during the trip, it just allows me to blog a lot. Maybe one day I’ll be able to blog every single day, but as of now my life isn’t as interesting as I’d like it to be. In this chapter of my life we are spending our last day traveling in Laos on the Mekong River with a slow boat. This experience was well needed for our bodies to recuperate and we got a chance to appreciate the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

     The boat ride literally consumed two entire days to get to our destination, so there was a lot to see in the in-between. We got to see elephants bathe, other boats pass & other small villages. The combination of mountains, town & waterfront is what I consider ideal for my future home. Having mountains to compliment the scenery somehow makes me appreciate life because even though I’m tiny in comparison I can still climb to the top of it. Somehow all these elements remind me I’m human because it’s all natural whereas right now living in Toronto I feel robotic. For me Toronto is a reminder that nothing will be given to you, you gotta build yourself to the top. Now I can’t decide if I wanna climb or build with my life, but hey if Kernel Sanders can be a millionaire at 67 after a shitty life I’m not too nervous.

     Before we had stopped at Luang Prabang, the destination, we had a small pit stop at the Pac Ou caves. These are the sacred caves of Laos that are home to literally thousands of Buddha statues throughout the entire cave. It was cool because the diversity in the statues had a long range. This is something I recommend doing if you’re ever in Laos & going to Luang Prabang! Not only is this monument a unique experience, but the view of the Mekong river is stunning. I forgot to mention that this cave is located on the Mekong, so it’s like a little island cave! Maybe one day soon I’ll post the photos of the view, but until then believe me when I say that it was beautiful.

     25km later and we finally landed down in Luang Prabang, a city full of incredible Laotian history. This city and its people are the reason why I have a spot in my heart for Laos. Even though I was an outsider and this city is fairly popular for tourism I still felt like I belonged & safe at all times. When it turns to evening the street turns into a street market where you can buy various goods like t-shirts, paintings, tea & much, much more. Luang Prabang, Chiang Rai & Bangkok were the best cities to do shopping for your loved ones.

The night came to a quick end as we had a long day where we go to chase waterfalls! More detail next week for you travelbugs!

- Dominik Magdziak (: 

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