Website Updates

And I’m already back to posting my second blog!
For the people who read my first post thank you for sticking around and to the
new people welcome! This post is more geared towards the actual appeal and
purpose of my site.

So I’ve had my site around for over a year (16 months old) and to be honest it
just sat there with no purpose. I always thought okay, have a site and
everything else will just fall in place. Originally the site I had with
Zenfolio was more of a gallery site that I posted every single show I have
shot. With this site I posted the shitty generic blog post about how good some
bands are live. A lot of that was fairly sugar coated, but maybe eventually
I’ll get back to those posts. Now I have switched over to Format because they
have everything I need for a great price. Zenfolio is a decent site, but my
biggest complaint is the customization. Having a site I have a vision for it
and Format is fitting. I can go on forever about the history of my site owning,
but that’d be super lame and pointless. Down to it I only had a site to say I
have one and it was also for a school assignment. So now I want to actually
keep it active and up to date with photos and such. I attempted to blog photo
related subjects before, but screw it I’ll be adding how my day goes and such.

Now going forth if you have me on social media I said I’d be changing this site
up. What could the changes be…? Well I added/removed photos from my live
concert portfolio and also added a new portfolio called “Artists”. This
features music artist promos (and maybe one day visual artists) that I’ve
obviously shot. Originally I wanted to wait until I had a lot more content of
artist promos. So if you’re an artist or in a band I’ll be offering pay what
you can artist promotions, so hit me up. The final update is an active blog. I
don’t expect to have many people reading these shitty written blogs, but I
actually enjoy doing this. This blog is going to have a lot more diverse
content. I’m aiming to use this blog as my public diary of the photography
life. A lot of these blogs will be on what I shoot and my extremely honest
opinion of it. So if you like what you read stay tuned for the future content –
there will be a lot of it in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for the future posts involving:

1. My trip to Asia
2. Ever After Music Festival (I know it’s late,
but I don’t care)
3. Bestival
4. And anything else that comes up

So thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog! As I write I
promise I will become more interesting, I just need more time. I hope you have an
awesome day and I hope to cross your eyes again! 

Thank you so much!!

- Dominik Magdziak (:

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